Series: Cafe con Leche


The Cafe con Leche series began with no real intent for a series. One morning I’d brewed a cup of coffee that was much too strong for my personal taste and decided to use it for the skin tones on a sketch I had just done. I loved the minimalist quality of the coffee combined with the quick ink sketch. Each morning I would create another sketch until the drawings themselves became as much a part of my morning ritual as my coffee.

My intent wasn’t to sexualize the female form but to use nudity as an avenue to connect with people. We all have perceived flaws, internal and external, which we attempt to mask by blending in with society. I wanted to remove the mask and expose women at their core: at their most natural. And through that exposure reveal a hidden layer of beauty and strength that is not often seen. Beauty through every scar, every tear, every wrinkle, and every stretch mark.

Cafe con Leche is a simple series-each sketch only took a few minutes of my time, but the resulting theme continues to permeate my work. I strive to achieve an introspective look at the human spirit. To find people at their most vulnerable and bring out their strength and raw beauty.

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