Study: Oil Portraits

Unconscious Beauty

The portrait study consists of five 24” x 24” portraits done with oil on canvas between January to March 2018. Each piece took approximately 20 hours. 

The study was done to explore building shape from color rather than brush strokes. This method was achieved through a variation of pointillism: subtle dots of colors carefully placed adjacent to each other on the piece and then lightly blended for a smooth finish. From a distance the viewer will perceive a solid strip of a cool porcelain hue when it is actually composed of greens, blues, purples, and whites to create the illusion of porcelain. This method brought an astounding level of color depth that is not easily visible in a digital file captured by a DSLR. 

The study also explored capturing different angles, facial expressions, and lighting to create a very natural and honest figure; inviting the viewer to create their own interpretation of the women and possibly resonate with the piece as they consider their own humanity. 

This study can be viewed in full under the “Study” tab

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